TrustNote Whitepaper


Today’s block chain technologies face many challenges such as network congestion, high transaction fees, and long delay in transaction confirmation. TrustNote seeks to address these problems by building the world-leading public Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) ledger which is minable, capable of handling high concurrent transactions yet still maintain quick transaction confirmation. TrustNote is focused on creating an easy-to-use, decentralized, low-level digital token block chain that leverages declarative Smart Contracts with enhanced expression capability, while empowering users to create and publish digital tokens without having to write complex Smart Contracts. TrustNote has an extensible wallet that provides security and rich API interfaces for digital tokens, block chain games and social networks, which allowing new innovative ideas to run smoothly on the block chain network and making user friendly block chain applications accessible to everyone. This document introduces TrustNote’s technical characteristics, user scenarios, and detail about token issuance and so on. For more in depth information about materials included in this document, please visit

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Trustnote Whitepaper