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Throughout history, people have been attracted to games of chance. Every day millions of people around the
world play lottery games, take part in prize draws, spend time in poker rooms or play slot machines. Many
of these games are now played online.

The market of igaming is growing rapidly every year. If in 2016 the volume of gaming industry in global market
was about USD 44.16 billion, and by the year 2022 it is forecasted by analytics to become USD 81.71 billion.
The annual growth of the market for the years 2017-2021 is expected to grow by 18% [1].

However, there has always been a serious issue of trust in the iGaming industry. It not only concerns the
trust of players in each other, but also the trust they have in casino managers. The issue of trust is very
important in online gaming industry. Players can’t verify the integrity of a game or a lottery, and they can’t
be sure of the honesty of the organizers [2].

With the development of blockchain technology, the world of iGaming can undergo strong changes.
Blockchain enables to transfer winnings, generate random numbers, isolate draws from any manipulation,
therefore it brings full transparency and reliability to the gaming process. iGaming is perhaps one of the few
areas where all the advantages of blockchain solutions can be fully disclosed – decentralization, transparency,
low transaction costs and high data quality.

The idea of combining blockchain and iGaming lies at the heart of our platform. Truegame solves the above
issues of trust through its innovative use of blockchain technology and smart contracts. We developed the
infrastructure on the basis of Blockchain Ethereum and in 2017 we launched a fully working platform, which
already has more than 10 games and users are actively playing them. Prizes, lotteries and several types of
scratchcards are available on the platform. All games are completely transparent and are based on proven
RNG algorithm.

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