True Chain Whitepaper


TrueChain (TRUE) is developing a public blockchain for real commercial
decentralized applications. The blockchain is based on an improved PBFT
consensus protocol that provides fast peer-to-peer communication, value
transfer, and efficient smart contract infrastructure. TrueChain starts with
digital advertising industry D-applications, but is preparing for supporting
all commercial D-applications. As the needs for performance-demanding
commercial Dapps emerge, TrueChain is going to become the
next-generation public chain for commercial applications.
Technology Perspective: TrueChain not only provides protocol for faster
digital asset transfer, it breaks some limitations of PBFT blockchains.
TrueChain implements CsC (consensus contract) and builds four
functionalities on the blockchain: 1. Node incentivization; 2. Delegation
protocol for unlimited validation nodes; 3. PBFT node incentivization
protocol. TrueChain is building a strong development team & community

Application & Commercial Perspective: The needs to develop Dapps from
every industry is booming. Many Dapps will require high performance and
low cost. However, supporting multiple performance-demanding Dapps is
very hard on existing platforms. TrueChain provides such an infrastructure
to host “real” Dapps from various industries. TrueChain will implement an
abstraction layer of commercial contracts based on the business logic,
and provide tools for developers, Dapp managers to friendly access the
smart contracts. TrueChain wallet is easy to integrate as Dapps on
TrueChain could publish their own digital assets and connect their mobile
apps / website applications to TrueChain’s infrastructure.
Community Governance Perspective: TureChain Foundation has been
setup to build transparent governance structure. The obligation of
TrueChain foundation is to best serve the development of TrueChain
project. The foundation has its own governance structure to offer
technology management, community management, PR & marketing
management, financial management, financial disclosure.

Why Digital Advertising First?
Over years, advertisers pay huge amount of money to buy fake clicks and
fake users while publishers desperate to create robots to consume
advertisers’ budgets, and platforms like ADX and DSP systems are
non-transparent at all to both advertisers and publishers.
One of the fundamental reasons why frauds happen so often in digital
advertising industry is that Internet based systems only solve the problem
of connection. However, the industry needs transparency to cultivate
honest business environment. Big data and AI solely cannot solve the
problems because of lack of transparency and trust. Giant Internet
companies may provide clients with some degree of trust but very little
transparency, and clients pay much more than they should (a.k.a. the cost
of trust). To solve this problem, we need both transparency and accuracy
in a same system. Therefore blockchain-based digital advertising
applications are needed.

For example, a decentralized ad exchange will provide an environment
that is transparent, fair, and more cost-effective. Together with data and
algorithms, it enables the three parties of advertisers, publishers and
users to use shared data and find the right media for targets.
However, there is no infrastructure available in the market to support such
Dapps. But we envision a future of blockchain backed ecosystem to give
transparency back to participants in the industry, and reduce the level of
cost for trust.

Many Dapps under the context of digital advertising will be performance
demanding. Successful experience in such an industry will help TrueChain
expand to many other fields and provide similar infrastructure with
different business logic.

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True Chain Whitepaper