Triggers Whitepaper


Network Overview: Token Economy
TRIGX fuels transactions on the main chain while main chain data interacts with sidechains
through master nodes, which are fueled by AMMO. Local sidechain processes are powered by

Master nodes handle current and future system processes and features that require consensus,
for example: decentralized VPNs, network routing, sidechain support switching, load balancing,
etc. Master nodes are not IP-restrictive; master nodes with more hash power will be routed to
sidechains as needed, thus earning subtokens.

Hence, the more the hash power the more is earned; with a combination of AMMO and the
subtoken reward for which the master node is providing hash power.

AMMO can be thought of as a reward for providing backbone support to the network. More
technically, AMMO serves as the currency of computing and routing of data requested by and
sent by the network, a dataset composed of the overall mesh of sidechains and the main TRIGX
A cap of 60 million AMMO will exist at all times. AMMO locked for the team will be subject to
liquidation rules tied to a static percentage of daily trade volume. When master nodes provide
hash power to sidechains, the opportunity for sidechain bonuses will exist, payable in the
subtoken in question.

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