Travelflex Whitepaper


The travel industry is a trillion dollar business, which accounts for over 10% of the employment
worldwide. The industry is growing steadily every year. Due to technology, traveling has been made easier
and we are able to travel further in less time. However, fi nancially things could be made easier and more
secure. The Travelfl ex coin will help to change the travel industry.

When you pay with Travelfl ex, you can be certain your payment will be made securely and without high
fees. Travelfl ex is reintroducing the modern form of the good old travelers cheques, which have been a
trusted and secure payment choice for people around the world since 1891.

The name Travelfl ex is derived from the Travelfl ex credit card that people can use at any ATM in
the world, or online business that accepts credit cards. Travelfl ex can also serve as an escrow service.
Furthermore, mining Travelfl ex coins (TRF) will be ASICS resistant and can be mined with GPU. In the
near future, it can be mined with a mobile application.

The mobile mining application will have social functions, like a chat function and a friend list and it has
a Near Field Communication (NFC) function, which lets you see other Travelfl ex users around you.
Those functions can be switched off if you don’t like to socialize with others.

For every new coin created by mining, a portion of coins will be donated to a charity of the
miner’s choice. In the upcoming ICO (starting December 14th 2017) we will offer 95,000,000 Travelfl ex
coins for purchase with a starting price of US$0.28 and 5,000,000 coins are reserved for the bounty

The ICO will provide Travelfl ex with the funds to further develop and optimize its products, while
giving the participant an opportunity to pre-buy TRF coins and have a chance to win an unforgettable

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Travelflex Whitepaper