TrakInvest Whitepaper


The empowerment of individuals through automated systems and social networks is
disrupting the traditional retail brokerage and investment management models. The
industry has suffered from the loss of customer trust and low levels of retail participation
given two key fundamental issues: (i) information asymmetry was driven by the fact that
the institutional investor has superior information and analytical tools at their disposal
vis-a-vis the average retail investor; therefore the retail investor is typically on the
“losing” side of the trade and (ii) inherent conflicts of interest in the traditional financial
services model. At its core, The TrakInvest Project is about “Crowdsourcing of Financial
Wisdom” and rewarding the participants in its decentralized economy based on
performance and insights.

Trakinvest, a virtual social trading platform, currently offers (i) users the ability to share
their portfolio data with other members of the network for a monthly subscription (ii)
provides “crowdsourced” sentiment, forecasting and prediction tools using innovations in
smart contracts, machine learning, NLP and artificial intelligence, and (iii) and digital
certification programs in online trading. Users can access and explore the existing
platform at

Trakinvest Whitepaper