Traceability Chain Whitepaper

Traceability Chain (referred to as TAC for short) is traceability public chain erected through
block chain technology. According to the trans-chain protocol with ETH, it builds traceability
cloud platform by using the blockchain’s unique non-temper distributive book recording feature.
Through the sub-chain of the implementing project and corresponding DAPP application, TAC
solves the enterprise puzzles during raw material procurement, production, storage, circulation,
distribution and terminal consumption such as information traceability, anti-counterfeiting and
verification and accurate marketing, provides swift and high-efficiency development cloud service
cluster for the technological developers and solves the “trustable” puzzles for the brand enterprise
and consumers.

TAC ecology includes major chain, cloud platform, developer, enterprise and consumer.
In aspect of commercial mode, TAC erects basic blockchain platform and provides intelligent
contract interface. The developer may provide blockchain traceability anti-counterfeit technology
solution for the brand client and the brand client pays corresponding fee. The consumer may
obtain different awards from the brand enterprise via free scanning research.
Thanks to the business model design and the basic platform erected based on core idea, the
traceability chain enables more technology developers to join in ecology and facilitate more brand
clients to upload the commodities on the chain, in which way the traceability chain may enter into
the market and capture the market faster.

On Big Data Expo in Guiyang on May 28, 2017, in regards to the anti-counterfeiting
problem of Maotai, Ma Huateng, Tecent CEO, expressed that in the future, the networking
anti-counterfeiting form that was based on cloud end and mixed blockchain technology was
far effective than the traditional anti-counterfeiting trademark. The blockchain technology
is a medium existence. Like a accounting book, it may record all trading data which can be
used to verify whether the information is true.

Firstly, the blockchain is different from the usual centralized information storage organization.
The decentralization feature realizes the openness and equality of the data together maintained by
many nodes of the blockchain.

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Traceability Chain Whitepaper