Tourist Token Whitepaper

Tourist Token (TOTO) is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. The
TOTO token will be used to rewards in tourism market. Travelers receives TOTO
token by make contents, take pictures, review and rating products, restaurants,
food and post it on our website. Manufacturer, advertisers buy TOTO token and
pay for travelers by their posts, reviews and comments.
TOTO is based on reviews because they are one of the most helpful and
trustworthy information found on the internet. On top of that, reviews and star
ratings are directly related with business revenue. This makes reviews a perfect
example where information should be monetized by the creator, not only the
With TOTO, travelers will have a place to display and directly monetize their
content. And through TOTO’s platform, they will have the ability to spread
awareness about their content and increase their social reach.
Tourist Token Website
Tourist Token Whitepaper