Tokugawa Whitepaper


Tokugawa Coin got its name from the famous Shogunate that was beneficial for Japan’s history
for about 250 years.
Here comes the first Japanese Masternode coin for its users. With an aim provide its users /
investors the huge ROI of 1000% per annum. All that the users have to do is to purchase 2500
coins and make a Masternode. Users then get 80% of the rewards of each block, for the PoS coin.
If users cannot buy as much as 2500 coins, then they can buy any number of coins and do
staking. Staking gives 20% of the rewards of each block.
The coin is developer and manage by real developer, and not by someone who just buys the coin
or code. This is why you can expect regular maintenance and smooth flow of transactions /

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Tokugawa Whitepaper