Tokia Whitepaper

We live in a world where the pace of technological advancement has far exceeded anything
witnessed in recorded human history.

In 2008, a major milestone was reached in the development of cryptocurrencies – the
inception of bitcoin. Yet this also happened to be the very peak of the global financial crisis of

I find this rather telling. Just as the global financial crisis revealed the ugly underbelly of
traditional banking, with “too big to fail” written all over it, science and tech pioneers were
bringing into being a new solution. Crypto-currencies have the power to circumvent, and thus
reduce reliance on, age-old financial system whose complacency has not gone unnoticed.
In 2011 Mervyn King, then the governor of the Bank of England, recounted a revealing
exchange he had had with a senior Chinese central banker: “We in China have learned a great
deal from the West about how competition and a market economy support industrialisation
and create higher living standards … But I don’t think you’ve quite got the hang of money and
banking yet”.

This statement is as true now as it was in 2011.

TOKIA is not here to fight the “greedy capitalists”. We’ll leave that to the vocal pundits, who
tend to make up for in volume what they lack in competence.

Instead we’re focused on building business models that are economically viable and
sustainable. These are the key to ensuring the stable and continuous existence of the
products and services we depend on in our daily lives. This doesn’t mean that we’re afraid to
call a spade a spade: the existing financial services landscape needs to be challenged because
it is simply not good enough.

My team and I believe that now is the ideal time for a product that offers everyday consumers
a bridge to the economic advantages offered by cryptocurrency, one which is well-developed,
convenient, and most importantly simple to use. This product is TOKIA.

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