Tokes Whitepaper


The TOKES Platform is a digital currency project built on the Waves blockchain in tandem with
private blockchains for supply chain provenence, developed initially for the cannabis industry,
but with functionality viable for other industry verticals. Tokes (ticker: $TKS) serves as a means
for businesses to conduct transactions (both consumer and business to business, B2B). Given
the increasing legalization of both recreational and medical marijuana at state levels, coupled
with the economic restrictions upon dispensaries imposed by existing federal laws, Tokes
serves as a means of financial mobility and freedom for marijuana businesses forced to
transact in fiat. Tokes is actively developing products integrating the token into critical systems
for cannabis production, sale, and support. This includes, but is not limited to; payment
processing gateways, enterprise resource planning systems for supply chain management,
industry communication and personnel vetting, marketing, automated consumer feedback and
incentives, mobile gaming, etc.
This whitepaper is a living document, and will be periodically revised as new partnerships, use
cases, and technologies are integrated into the Tokes platform.

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Tokes Whitepaper