Tokenomy Whitepaper


TOKENOMY is your one-stop solution when it comes to purchasing TEN Tokens, as
well as issuing your own cryptographic tokens. Our goal is to become a global token
platform (“Tokenomy Platform”) with hundreds of tokens listed on our exchange,
alongside additional features that can help anyone, from small entrepreneurs,
merchants, and retailers to large enterprise businesses and developers, issue their own
tokens to conduct fair and reliable crowdfunding. It is intended that these individuals
and businesses will be able to raise the funds they need from trusted investors, and be
provided with a platform to tokenize various products like loyalty points. People can
easily trade loyalty points issued by a business for products and services they need,
not only from said business, but from other businesses which have their loyalty points
listed on the Tokenomy Platform as well. Tokens are intended to be interchangeable
with hundreds of merchants and service providers.

We provide 24/7 support to facilitate your business in generating your own tokens, from
handling all technical aspects, maintaining security, providing free publication and
marketing, to assisting you on the listing of your tokens on our exchange, and on other
exchanges. Collaborating with (the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in
Southeast Asia with more than 1 million users), we will help you list your tokens on their
trading platforms and get expose you to the investors you need. For people interested in
trading, major cryptocurrencies and new promising tokens will be tradable on the
exchange on the Tokenomy Platform.

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Tokenomy Whitepaper