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In 2009, Satoshi Nakomoto created a payment system Bitcoin1, based on the revolutionary technology
of Blockchain, which provided the potential to completely rebuild the Infrastructure of financial
services worldwide

Blockchain is a journal (“ledger”) with records of all the transactions, stored on a set of computers,
united in a peer-to-peer network (P2P).

All communications within the network use cryptography to reliably identify the sender and the
recipient as well as to protect the data.

The key advantage of blockchain technology is its resistance to falsification of records, because the
data is stored in a decentralised manner, a potential attacker would need huge hardware resources in
order to perpetrate a successful attack.

The Potential applications of Blockchain Technology are diverse: financial services, trade, logistics,
certification of rights, elements of public administration.

One of the most promising options for Blockchain Technology is the possibility of creating new crypto
assets. The Ethereum platform, which operates as a decentralised virtual machine was a key
technological breakthrough in this direction.

The Ethereum platform allows you to create and use smart contracts, as well as to release your own
tokens (crypto assets).

A smart contract is a program deployed on a detachment that stores and, on the basis of certain
events, ensures the transfer of valuables within that blockchain. These contract packages can be
issued as tokens, which can be created with the help of special software code, giving them the
properties you and other users require.

Own tokens (crypto assets) can be ofered publicly and can be an attractive investment opportunity,
while performing many functions: settlement, the ownership of shares, voting rights, etc.
At the same time, it should be noted that Blockchain technology necessitates a wide range of skills
from users: in the field of general computer literacy, information security, basic understanding of
investment principles. Created out of the Crypto Market infrastructure, it is diverse (exchanges,
services for storing crypto assets, media, consultants, etc.), and also fragmented. The knowledge of
professional cryptology specialists is critical in order to create and develop the infrastructure that
potential investors and users can trust.

Tokenbox WhitePaper

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Tokenbox Whitepaper