TokenClub Whitepaper


TokenClub is a blockchain based cryptocurrency investment platform, which
provides investors with professional cryptocurrency market information,
investment consulting & strategies and other comprehensive services.
It was composed by three parts: Market information platform which
provides users up-to-date information and news of various blockchain
projects; Q&A community (Interlocution system) allows early stage
investors to ask questions and the Blockchain professionals and experienced
investors to answer; Trading and investments platform provides
users a easy way to transact among exchanges by using API and users could
follow the investment portfolios that professional made.
TokenClub not only brings trust and motivation to the community members by
rewarding them TCT (TokenClub Tokens), but also give the Blockchain
professionals and experienced investors chances to stand out and create
values to the community. Members who make contributions to the community
will achieve matched profits. The application of rewarding excellence and
punishing inferior mechanism will make TokenClub a healthy blockchain

TokenClub, a blockchain-based cryptocurrency investment service
community, provides investors with accurate cryptocurrency information,
professional consultant service and practical investment instructions. It solves
trust and incentive issues through blockchain technology, and meanwhile
makes investors who have abundant professional experience, high investment
level, and more contributions to community become outstanding. In addition, it
makes sure that those people can achieve revenue which matches how much
value they make, and facilities the community with healthy survival of the fittest

TokenClub mainly consists of Cryptocurrency market information, Q&A
community and investment strategy system.
Market information platform provides investors with effective,
comprehensive and timely information about various cryptocurrency
projects, including data display and analysis, real time news and project
progress. The platform connects investors with different cryptocurrency
projects’ official operation teams and other cryptocurrency community

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TokenClub Whitepaper