Ties.DB Whitepaper


Modern technologies allow us to rediscover the issues of decentralization and freedom for millions of
people. The surge of interest in cryptocurrencies and decentralized economy is a direct proof of people’s
disappointment in the classical system of commodity-money relations and professional networking, and
their attempt to escape into the counter-economy.

This document presents the Ties.Network project – a new business platform for
crypto-community with integrated deals based on smart-contracts and an irrefutable reputation
system based on previous deals. It is a distributed business platform that allows traders, investors,
developers, consultants and enthusiasts to find business partners, offer their services, close deals based on
smart contracts, hire staff, advertise their own services in a comfortable and secure environment, and also
finance projects (individually or as a part of a particular community). The platform allows you to get
maximum exposure to the crypto-community through a system of ratings and reviews. It also allows you to
act anonymously while keeping transactions with other community members safe.

Ties.Network satisfies the need of crypto-community to connect and the need to secure P2P business
transactions in a new counter-economy. Today the community is fragmented and connections are fragile for
two reasons. It’s still a new market (though it’s growing rapidly), and because it is so new, it is hard to find
professionals one can immediately trust and strike a deal with. Ties.Network aims at resolving the issue
of trust for crypto-community on a fundamental level by giving people opportunities to find each
other and do business in a new, yet safe environment in accordance with the principles of

The platform utilizes a system of ‘geniune rating’​, which means only those, who actually did business
with a user have a right to rate them as professionals – thus basing their reviews on real successful
business transactions, and not assumptions or marketing information. This means that reviews can not be
fake, and that the platform will become a credible, solid source of information about viable
blockchain-related projects globally, decentralized technologies, real due diligence reports on upcoming
token generation events, and will give voice to real blockchain experts who have a track record of
successful deals.

Using Ties.Network people can connect and strike business deals via smart-contracts​, launch
projects, promote their businesses, find projects to invest in, and groups to join. Additionally, such platform
would help in recruiting collaborators, posting jobs as well as CVs with all parties profiting from these

Currently, there is no platform providing this array of services. It is time to introduce a large scale public
network based on blockchain technology that would include a decentralized ledger for business and social
networking purposes. This will allow the crypto-community to have access to a single, universal and public
platform that allows cooperation and gives opportunities to discuss and strike business deals in the same

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Ties.DB Whitepaper