ThingsOperatingSystem Whitepaper

In the white paper, we analyze that the TOS chain is a decentralized and hierarchical block network technology based
on SDAG for the IoT industry. The technology automatically distributes the massive transaction data to the hierarchical
block network, so as to reduce the data capacity of the whole block network , which will be the next development of the
block chain technology.

First gives an overview of the TOS vision, the project is divided into three stages to promote:
1) to complete the bottom public chain of TOS thing-to-Internet.
2) open source platform that can be used for solution of the custom-build internet of thing.
3) provide unified protocol standard for the big intelligent hardware manufacturer.

SDAG(Super directed acyclic graph), the core technology of the TOS, improves the transaction speed while ensuring
security. This article focuses on a detailed analysis of this fast and secure public Internet of Things chain. This white
paper enumerates some of the difficulties faced by existing Internet of Things technologies and their own limitations, and
presents TOS solutions for the current internet to things block chain. And it briefly discusses TOS and its implementation
in the project.

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ThingsOperatingSystem Whitepaper