Themis Whitepaper

Blockchain-based digital currencies are of radical importance in
today’s trading activities. As a result, a number of digital currency
exchanges were founded and their usage is exploding. At the same
time with the rise of a tokenized economy, more and more countries
such as Japan, Germany, and Australia, are accepting
cryptocurrency payments. There is huge potential that the market
will continue to expand globally and accept the commercialization of
digital currency.

Currently, most digital currency exchanges and peer-to-peer
transaction providers focus on ensuring the security of transactions
but pay little attention to fairness. For example, HTLC (Hashed
Time-lock Contract), a widely-used atomic exchange technology, is
vulnerable to denial of service (DoS) attacks. Attackers may launch
DoS attacks in the period of time-lock to make the counterparty
unable to obtain a refund in a specific time.

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Themis Whitepaper