The Midas Touch Gold Whitepaper

Thanks to decentralization and distributed ledgers, forgery and falsification of virtual currencies based on blockchain technology have been verified to be impossible. This offers an opportunity to numerous people to realize a new world and a new ecosystem of asset trading.

However, two questions must be answered first.

Q. Are there any ecosystems or a services at present moment that enable full utilization of virtual currency?

Q. If so, are such services abundantly available?

Currently, a core issue for participants in cryptocurrencies is that there is a lack of practical uses or ecosystems that fully utilize virtual currency. Numerous blockchain projects now only focus on decentralizing technology, speed, and so on, rather than on constructing an ecosystem that actually creates significant values. This ultimately reveals the current limits that blockchainbased virtual currencies (cryptocurrencies) face.

TMTG Project aims to use blockchain technology to construct a satisfactory ecosystem that provides actual values now and in the future. We also aim to focus on constructing an ecosystem designed to exchange virtual currencies with fiat currencies and tangible goods, rather than only focusing on decentralizing technology.

We will continue our research on ways to eliminate as many uncertainties as possible by overcoming diverse technical limits to allow participants to enjoy the benefits of this ecosystem safely and easily.

We will now proceed with explanation on ecosystem being built by TMTG, as well as the visions, policies, and team members behind this project to realize of our goal

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The Midas Touch Gold Whitepaper