Talao Whitepaper

The team leading the Talao project aim to create in the next five years
the first Decentralized Autonomous Organisation with 5 million users,
taking a position in the top 3 global talent on-demand platforms, a $5
billion market according to the SIA1

Talao is the first public Ethereum-based decentralized and autonomous
platform dedicated to talent. It gives talent access to a huge panel of
companies asking for their expertise, enables them to benefit from smart
contract-based payments, and allows them to build a strong community-based
reputation, thereby disrupting the traditional working industry by
eliminating its middlemen.

The TALAO Token gives right of usage to the following services provided
by the platform:
• Talent can have their resume and professional reputation
certified by the community and stored in a decentralized
reputation vault, allowing them to take ownership of their
professional reputation and select the potential viewers of
their qualifications.
• Businesses can get access to the certified skills of a talent
pool, select the appropriate professionals, and find the
profile that best matches their specific needs.
• Both parties can send and receive secured contract-based
payments, convertible into fiat or cryptocurrencies, according
to their agreement.
The Talao revenues model is based on:
• Premium services bought by customers: priority status for
urgent request, skill-based screening tools or conflict
• Platform adaptation to specific customers’ need, like
dedicated branded portal.
The estimated revenues for the platform are 2% of the Gross Payment Volume

The team leading Talao is a mix of Internet and Professional Services
entrepreneurs with a shared vision:
• The blockchain revolution is about decentralization. The
public blockchain revolution, just like the internet in the
90s, will be a huge step forward in this direction, forever
disrupting the ways humans cooperate and build reciprocal trust
in a decentralized world. More than a technological or
financial revolution, public blockchains will be a decisive
factor in the transformation of human activities’ governance,
and within the coming years companies will have no choice but
to embrace this new way of thinking, sharing and working. DAO
will be part of the business world.
• The public blockchains will become mainstream. As the Internet
was unstoppable, so too will the public blockchains be. The
amazing mix of open source development, coopetition among
projects and the huge need for decentralization is creating a
unique mix of human intelligence, capital and momentum.
• The working industry is accelerating toward a talent on-demand
model. Leading companies are pushing forward organizations
where top talent are engaged where and when needed. Talent are
looking for more and more freedom while being able to manage
their revenues steams. More than 100 million people are
freelancing today. This is the main trend of the future of
• Public blockchains will disrupt the talent on-demand market,
by creating a fairer and more efficient value chain. They will
enable talent to own their data, in contrast to today’s
platforms that centralize this data. Ultimately, blockchain
technologies and more precisely DAO (Decentralized Autonomous
Organizations), will enable a more transparent relationship
between Talent and business.

Talao is the move to Ethereum blockchain for eMindHub, a talent centralized
marketplace created in 2015. Currently, the platform allows businesses to
hire experts for specific missions. The platform is a working product,
live at http://talao.io, and brings together top talent and multinational
firms from a number of industries. eMindHub is essentially disrupting
itself to reboot the worldwide talent on-demand market with the Talao
decentralized platform.

With Talao, talent will:
• Increase their value in the market with their professional
reputation, profile and experiences stored in the blockchain,
• Freely organize themselves in Decentralized Autonomous
Communities to maximize their wealth and professional path,
giving them more control and more leverage when negotiating
deals with large corporations,
• Increase their revenues by 10 to 20% relative to the
traditional model where they were used to getting their work
through staffing platforms.
Welcome to Talao. Welcome to the future of work.

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Talao Whitepaper