TaaS Whitepaper

TAAS Capital Fund is an open-end investment fund with a primary focus on blockchain distributed ledger technology (DLT) markets.

The Fund’s mission is to provide global investors with a broader range of wealth management services. We lift technical, legal and other barriers that prevent institutional and retail stakeholders from capitalizing on DLT markets.

TAAS Capital Fund expands on the success of Token-as-a-Service (TaaS) – the world’s first tokenized closed-end fund. TaaS has pioneered sophisticated in-house trading techniques, comprehensive due diligence standards, deal origination and deep market expertise.

We have executed over 50 thousand trades, effectively participated in 35 token sales carefully selected out of over 1,000 screened projects, and distributed an equivalent of over 16M USD(T) in payouts to TAAS token owners. Overall asset growth exceeded 780% in just 12 months, thus outperforming both Bitcoin and Bitcoin/Ethereum benchmarks.

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TaaS Whitepaper