TWIST Whitepaper

TWIST is a blockchain based decentralised platform and
ecosystem which aims to increase the accessibility of the
blockchain through innovative services and features targeted
at casual cryptocurrency users and programmers interested
in utilising blockchain technology. Features such as TWIST
ID strive to simplify the payment process and make it more
familiar and friendly to create and send transactions. TWIST
DATA aims to provide a simple and clear interface to allow
users and programmers to read and write encrypted data to
the blockchain. TWIST API will provide a modern,
language agnostic programming interface which can be
utilised by developers to integrate their applications with the
TWIST blockchain. Further features and services are
planned and will be developed as the project progresses.
The ultimate goal for TWIST is to achieve widespread
adoption and to create a thriving self-sustaining ecosystem
where TWIST coins are used to pay for both blockchain
based, and off-chain features, the fees of which are allocated
as rewards to node owners for providing services and for
stabilising and securing the network.
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TWIST Whitepaper