TRAXIA Whitepaper

There are over $43 trillion of invoices sitting in companies’ balance sheets waiting
to be paid. The Traxia ecosystem allows those short-term assets to be digitized, tokenized
and ultimately to be tradeable in a decentralized market. Traxia envisions a system where
Sellers upload their invoice, Buyers approve it with their private keys, Issuing Providers
write it into a smart contract, Liquidity Providers distribute cash liquidity, Listing providers
manage the marketplace and Investors trade the newly created digital assets. Think of it
as factoring on a blockchain. We have built a real use case using Liqease Ltd as our Listing
provider, Porsche as the Buyer, mediaman and Vok Damns as the Seller and a corporate
investor as the Liquidity Provider. Although, the Ethereum blockchain has been used in
this first case to issue the smart contract, Traxia intends to build upon the Cardano
blockchain. Traxia and LiqEase are the first investment of Cardano through their
investment arm Emurgo.

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TRAXIA Whitepaper