TEAM (TokenStars) Whitepaper

10 Reasons to Support
1. TokenStars is the first celebrity management platform on blockchain.
We’re building an ecosystem that will provide celebrities, fans and advertisers with
advanced tools and incentives for deeper interaction and engagement.
2. Our platform consists of 12 integrated modules that allow participants to connect in a
new way. Designed as a toolkit, the platform allows users to combine different modules
to achieve the required features and capabilities.
Based on their functionality, the modules are part of 4 different layers:
1. Crowdfunding layer, enabling promising talents and celebrities to raise funds.
2. Infrastructure layer, providing functional tools (like voting and scouting) for key
platform activities.
3. Fans Community layer, allowing the celebrities to grow their social capital by
expanding their loyal fan bases and offering the fans the desired involvement by
communicating and participating in activities with their favorite stars.
4. Advertising layer, delivering smart & transparent data and an engaged audience to
brands for more efficient advertising campaigns (by enabling advertising smart
contracts and exclusive merchandise sales).

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TEAM (TokenStars) Whitepaper