TCOIN Whitepaper

We live in a world where there have been great developments in financial and payment
instruments due to advances in technology. Those advances make distances smaller,
allowing people to interact, behave and communicate anywhere in the world. Access to
information is now in the hands of anyone who wants to have it.

The way people do business also changes constantly. And, when it comes to financial
markets, it’s part of their nature. Financial markets are more global than ever, with millions
of worldwide transactions per minute, in real time, using digital instruments. It was in this
technological environment that appeared cryptocurrencies – digital, encrypted coins that
are autonomous and independent from banks or governments.

Cryptocurrencies have an increasing importance in the financial markets, since some
had incredible valuation over the last years. Trust in these instruments increased which
lead to more people using cryptocurrencies, due to its low-cost, fast, easy and secure
transactions – and there’s a whole potential market around it. The cryptocurrency market
moves fast and will very soon reach the value of $400 Billion from which $250 Billion
refers to Bitcoin value, at current market price.

With the growing use of cryptocurrency tokens, there will be a bigger demand for services
such as cryptocurrency exchange, cryptocoin banking system, debit/credit cards and other
similar banking services. We believe that the importance of cryptocurrency exchange
platforms will grow dramatically in the years to come. We also predict that they’ll have an
important role in this type of transactions, allowing the customer to exchange different
cryptocurrencies easily. It´ s in this market that our holding Trade by Trade operates. Trade
by Trade has a cryptocurrency exchange and will launch banking and debit and credit
card/services. We will also launch our own token called Tcoin TCN.

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TCOIN Whitepaper