Swarm Whitepaper


Swarm’s governance-first model has been designed to bring $1
trillion in real assets into the blockchain world by creating a
platform for regulatory engagement and a fully compliant legal
container for highly profitable and scalable investments.

As with other highly successful network models like Visa, our
infrastructure is fully accessible and entirely governed by its
community members. We use a token-based, stake-weighted,
liquid democracy system to provide both an early adopter incentive
and input into long-term decision making. This is augmented by a
reputational system, which helps streamline capital deployment
and allow a fusion of human and artificial intelligence.

We launch with multiple partner funds (distressed real estate, art,
renewables, hedge funds) who have already deployed $100mm+
with 30+% IRR and team members who have built platforms
that handle over $20B in transactions per month. Our market
infrastructure allows funds to automate creation, fundraising,
deployment, distribution, and reporting via a process language
that is an enhancement of currently available smart contract

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Swarm Whitepaper