SuperCoin Whitepaper


SuperCoin is an innovative X11 PoW/PoS coin, with PoW and PoS superblocks, and
with anonymous wallet features. The anonymous send is done through SuperSend

– What is SuperSend?
SuperSend is an anonymous send technology belonging to the Coinjoin catalogue. It is
implemented natively for SuperCoin (and may be used by other coins in the future as
well). SuperSend uses a cloud of de-centralized mixing nodes. These nodes use the
same SuperCoin wallet client, only configured differently. The clients send coins to
mixing nodes, mixing nodes mix the incoming coins and also with their own buffer, then
forward the coins to the destinations. Incoming/outgoing addresses are dynamically
generated and refreshed at regular intervals. This ensures the anonymity of the coin
transaction details.

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SuperCoin Whitepaper