Stox Whitepaper


Prediction markets are a disruptive economic instrument that has yet to penetrate mass investor
audiences due to excessive regulation and the fragility of existing centralized implementations. The
maturity of blockchain technology is poised to change that as decentralized implementations for
scalable prediction markets are within reach.

Stox is an open source, Ethereum based platform for prediction markets where people can trade
the outcome of events in almost any imaginable category – sports, celebrity marriages, election
results and even the weather. The platform targets mainstream audiences and provides a haven for
investors to find refuge from traditional financial instruments and participate in prediction events
with the purpose of making profit, leveraging their knowledge in almost any imaginable field.
Stox was designed by veterans of the online trading industry, using the knowledge and experience
acquired by is an established online financial company which has been
operating in the investment field since 2014.’s trading platforms accommodate over
3 million registered users and facilitated more than 8 million transactions last year alone. invest.
com currently employs over 200 employees across 5 countries, providing the solid foundation and
infrastructure of the franchise to bootstrap the Stox network.

Combining expertise in regulated markets together with blockchain technology creates a unique
solution for prediction markets that are tailored towards approaching the masses. Stox is creating
a robust business model that incentivizes other providers and industry leaders with existing
customer bases, such as itself, to join the Stox network and drive traffic to the network.
Event syndication between providers carries this traffic beyond the confines of a single provider.
Providers are motivated to cooperate as part of a larger network. On the other hand, users will
enjoy a well-rounded selection accommodating their diversified interests, increasing overall

The power behind Stox is the STX digital token. All activity in the network revolves around STX,
from serving as the primary form for fees and collaterals, to serving as the main currency used for
predicting event outcomes. STX is the driver of a sustainable economy where demand grows as
more users and providers join the ecosystem

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Stox Whitepaper