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2017 is destined to be the year of Bitcoin, the year of cryptocurrency. The price of Bitcoin has accomplished almost a 2,000% rise from less than 1,000 USD at the beginning of 2017, to 20,000 USD recently. The rise is underpinned by the market’s strong approval and need for its functions and nature. 10% of the Russian billionaires are investing cryptocurrency. Venezuela is issuing the national cryptocurrency Petro. Apple and Google have supported Bitcoin’s API in their browsers. Japan, Korea and Philippines have established the laws for cryptocurrency. The U.S Congress has established the blockchain policy-making committee and opened the future market for Bitcoin.

From “10,000 Bitcoin for a pizza” to a Bitcoin worth more than 10,000 USD, Bitcoin has risen 22 million times in the past 8 years. Numerous people have invested in the cryptocurrency, and most of them have earned a lot. Under such a frenzy market, the investors have developed a huge need for market analysis, research reports and projects’ background information. But there is no truly professional cross-platform information system in the market.

With the development in big data and AI this year, 70% of the trade volume in the US stock market was operated through program trading.

The characteristics of cryptocurrency, such as its 7*24 trading hour, T+0 trading rules and significant short-term turmoil, also bring huge opportunities for program trading. For the future cryptocurrency market, just like the mature stock market, institutions will dominant the trade, so the first market player who owns automated trading programs and smartest trading model will stand out. STOCKCHAIN’s program trading sharing platform provides all sorts of programmed tools and trading models for all traders.

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StockChain Whitepaper