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The worldwide entertainment industry is valued at over $1.6 trillion and growing every year. Despite a healthy market, consumer expectations have changed so dramatically that old revenue models have become outdated, forcing production companies to scramble to find value in new markets. In a world where consumers expect someone else to pay for their content, production companies are struggling to find avenues that allow them to monetize the digital age.

In the past, cryptocurrencies have proven to be effective for the purposes of gaming and micro transactions. They are a secure way to give value to a digital asset that can be used to incentivize competition, discussion, and game play. Because blockchain technology can create valuable tokens through the economics of scarcity, and tokens can be transacted to and from other players quickly and verifiably, a cryptographic token is perfect for online value transfers—especially within a story. The nature of the blockchain prevents bad actors from creating unofficial assets to take advantage of players and the story.

Using a cryptographic token allows us to create online content that can engage our audience on multiple levels, while providing value to our production and the network that supports it. Transferring value online can be easy, and Back to Earth is packaging the simplicity of blockchain technology with a mainstream vehicle for its success: entertainment.

Back to Earth is the first production company focused on using storytelling to provide value to a digital asset. No one has ever used the blockchain to immerse users in an alternate reality experience.

Back to Earth will produce media on multiple platforms, including film, mobile apps, social media, books, physical memorabilia, and more. This media will all be connected in telling the Back to Earth story. Underpinning the whole production will be an engaging mystery that can only be solved by interacting with our cryptographic token StarCredits.

Back to Earth will generate revenue through:

1) Token interaction. All tokens used to purchase special content from our online store will be sent to us (Note that all tokens used to interact directly with our story will be destroyed).

2) The sale of special content in USD or SRC on our website, including rare assets, special event sales, extra content, third party advertising, physical memorabilia, etc.

3) The sale of any Back to Earth content to distributors and/or studios.

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StarCredits Whitepaper