StarCoin Whitepaper


What is Star Coin?
Star Coin is a COIN that can be used both online and offline by combining block chain
technology and Entertainment Business Model.

Existing coins distributed in the market today have a lot of market misconceptions about COIN’s
legitimacy and COIN brand, except for some COINs that many people use.
STAR COIN is a COIN issued by combining entertainment business with block chain technology
based on the stars that will own or retain current global fans.

STARCOIN has the value of BRAND from the time the star and the fan use each other.
STARCOIN will select a total of 10 teams and will make contributions to stars that are likely to
grow around the world.

STARCOIN will create a website and app through this ICO and develop PG to make STARCOIN
payments for purchases of contributed teams’ albums, MD merchandise, concert tickets, or for
accommodation and sightseeing in concert venues. STARCOIN will make it a global payment
instrument for the global entertainment market. Based on the contributed COIN, we will increase
the royalties of existing fans and mass-produce new fans. If there are many users, the market
value of COIN will rise naturally.

STARCOIN will increase in value as the number of fans increases and as the fans grow.

Starcoin Whitepaper