Spectre.ai Utility Token Whitepaper


SPECTRE (short for Speculative Tokenized Trading Exchange) is the world’s first brokerless,
financial trading platform with an embedded, decentralised liquidity pool. Today,
the financial trading industry is mired with conflict of interest and fraud. Brokers have
been long known to manipulate prices and even refuse withdrawals, thereby destroying
retail trader balances and finances, over time. This contributes to a shocking 70-90%+
industry loss ratio, meaning that more than 7/10 traders lose money in the longer run.
At unregulated ‘bucket shop’ brokerages, the loss-ratios are even higher as they simply
refuse to allow traders to withdraw profits. Owing to the advent of blockchain
technology, it is now possible to disrupt the existing, outdated model of financial
trading. SPECTRE is a generation leap forward in trading technology achieving the
▶ Decentralisation and tokenization of the broker, meaning it is owned by the masses.
▶ A perpetually growing, tokenized liquidity pool, of which the masses are entitled to
an automatic, smart-contract governed dividend pay-out stream.
▶ Fees are not generated on client losses but instead on volumes (wins or losses) in
SPECTRE, thereby moving away from the traditional conflict-of-interest model.
▶ No deposits required by the trader, meaning that transactions happen from on or
offsite crypto-wallets and SPECTRE at no point has access to the trader’s funds.
Withdrawals are processed instantly as well with all transaction outcomes being
provably fair and governed by Ethereum blockchain based smart contracts.
▶ No salesmen or account managers luring clients to over-trade or trading on behalf of
the client.

The above advances are likely to render traditional brokerages irrelevant and hand over
power back to the retail traders, instilling total transparency across the multi-billiondollar
retail trading industry. In helping do so, SPECTRE is also introducing a new asset
class to the sector by upgrading the traditional “digital option” to a “smart option”. We
next describe the nature and extent of the problem SPECTRE aims to address.

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Spectre.ai Utility Token Whitepaper