SpankChain Whitepaper

In this paper, we present SpankChain, an adult entertainment ecosystem powered by blockchain technology.

The SpankChain ecosystem possesses a tiered architecture featuring three layers: SpankChain Core, SpankChain Services, and SpankChain Applications.

SpankChain Core is comprised of smart contracts and tooling which provide the foundational functionalities necessary to operate a streaming or static content distribution application, namely a user profile system and payment capabilities.

The SpankChain Services layer contains a suite of ancillary services which add enhanced functionality to applications built upon SpankChain Core, including payment channel hubs, age verification, live video, an ad network, an affiliate network, indexing/search, and an interface builder.

SpankChain Applications exist on top of SpankChain Core, leveraging various SpankChain Services. The applications layer is a collection of branded interfaces that tie together underlying pieces of the ecosystem to attract paying audiences. The SpankChain team will develop the ecosystem’s first application, a live cam site aptly named SpankChain.

SpankChain utilizes a multi-token economic model, beginning with the SPANK token.

SPANK is a staking token which can be utilized to mint alternative tokens, offering specific payment and governance rights throughout the SpankChain ecosystem. The multi-token model is designed to abstract away ecosystem-wide coordination processes from mechanisms which meter platform usage rights.

We also introduce a novel verification game called Proof-of-Spank to address underage model swapping and simultaneously incentivize active participation in the SpankChain ecosystem.

SpankChain Whitepaper (EN)

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SpankChain Whitepaper