SpaceChain Whitepaper


SpaceChain- Space Exploration Program Based On Human Consensus

Mission Statement
SpaceChain is creating a solutions-oriented platform to tackle our greatest challenges. With increasingly complex and difficult global challenges, we need to harness distributed intelligence to find comprehensive solutions. SpaceChain creates an open-source problem solving model that optimizes collective intelligence. SpaceChain will establish enabling conditions that incentivize the community of users, contributors and developers to strengthen the ecosystem. SpaceChain will advance progress in these 3 areas:
1.Utilize space to better serve business and consumer needs,
2.Enhance access to space industry and technologies,
3.Accelerate the process of discovering and using space.
The SpaceChain team is led by Zuo Zheng as CEO and by former Bitcoin core developer and blockchain pioneer Jeff Garzik as CTO.

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SpaceChain Whitepaper