SounDAC Whitepaper

A single location to input all of your copyright information. No middlemen, no third parties, no fees.
Where every participant in a song (both the master recording side and the composition/publishing side) can build off of the data, creating a rich, transparent, trustworthy and constantly updating database. Businesses worldwide, from streaming platforms to music retail websites, will know exactly which copyright holders to pay (in real time!) by using the open data contained within SOUNDAC. Solving what we call the “Who to pay?” issue currently plaguing the music world.

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Real-time tracking of streams
Each stream is time-stamped on the tamper-proof blockchain. This transparency – verifiable by third parties – guarantees you are paid what you are due.

Fast and direct royalty payments
Royalties appear in your wallet 24 hours after a stream occurred. The process is fully automated. No one takes a cut since not a single human is involved in handling your funds.

Own and control your data
No need to entrust a third party with the management of your music’s metadata. Take control of your career!

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SounDAC Whitepaper