Sociall Whitepaper


Almost 2.5 billion people on Earth use some form of social networking. Account data is
harvested and accessed by large corporations every day. Information about anyone is publicly
accessible due to user profile indexing from search engines. Mainstream social networks claim
ownership of all uploaded data and multimedia content, therefore waiving all rights over the

Sociall is a new generation of networking. It is a secure and private decentralised social network
for all. Sociall encrypts all data and multimedia uploads and stores it securely all over the world,
making it completely decentralised. The platform is private and discourages search engines from
viewing user profiles or displaying them in search results.
Sociall does not claim ownership of any uploaded data or multimedia to the system. All
information belongs to the uploading user.

The platform utilises its own easy to use cryptocurrency called SCL. It is used to pay for all
goods and services rather than traditional money. Think of SCL as the native currency of the
platform instead of using multiple different currencies that usually come with conversion fees.
Sociall will supply all accounts with a decentralised wallet to securely store SCL and other
popular cryptocurrencies. All account wallets will exist within a series of smart contacts on the
Ethereum blockchain, making it completely decentralised and uncontrollable from anyone other
than the wallet’s creator. Adding SCL to an account will be a breeze as the wallet will have the
ability to convert many different forms of currency to SCL.

Sociall plans to move the entire platform to self-governing. This means that users on Sociall will
be able to assist with keeping the platform clean and safe by removing spam and offensive posts.
All users who contribute to this will be compensated in SCL. Eventually, the entire platform will
be run by the users instead of a centralised controlling entity. The users will even have the ability
to make updates and fix issues, thanks to open-source and pull-requests.
Sociall is giving the power back to the people.

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