Social Send Whitepaper


We are living in the digital era. Social networking has become second nature
to us and is a seemingly unavoidable part of our everyday life. In a similar
manner, adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is growing
exponentially and will soon be paramount in our daily financial exchanges. We
believe that a well-crafted and readily accessible cryptocurrency should allow
for the same range of user adoption as social networking, and therefore, it is
only natural for the next phase of blockchain implementation and
cryptocurrency adoption to take place on social networks.

The time and effort users invest in social media platforms can become a real
asset for crypto-powered exchange scenarios. The Social Send (SEND) team
believes the innate usability of social networking can be matched with an
equally usable peer-to-peer currency exchange platform, overriding the
necessity of lengthy technical explanations to non-crypto users. Our
technology seeks to aid people in the use of cryptocurrency and value
transfers through their already polished knowledge of multiple social
networks, blending blockchain technology architecture and functionality with
established communication networks.

The market for SEND is enormous. Approximately one third of the world’s
population, or 2.6 billion people, use social media. In contrast, there are only
about 3 million users of cryptocurrency in the world. Social networks are the
next frontier for cryptocurrency because they provide a launching pad for
cryptocurrency adoption through instant access to one third of the world’s

Yet, we recognize that simply introducing a cryptocurrency to social media
users is not enough to capitalize on this market. Recently, the SEND team
conducted a survey of 2,600 people from around the world and found that
only 20% were crypto literate. Hence, although we expect to fill a key role in
the adoption of cryptocurrency using our technology as the medium to tap
into the limitless potential of social and crypto interaction, we envision serving
also as a bridge between early and late adopters of cryptocurrency by
pioneering simplicity in the crypto-sphere with a social media based
cryptocurrency platform, the mission of which is to facilitate the most straightforward,
user friendly, and intuitive peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transfers.

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Social Send Whitepaper