SnowGem Whitepaper

Digital currencies have been deliberated over for the last several decades. Alternative ways to create systems which are more innovative, reliable and secure have been on the minds of very knowledgeable people in the field of cryptography. Experts in finance, technology and accounting have tried to design and implement new ideas since the 1980s.

After this innovative breakthrough, people have been developing technologies that apply
practical use to cryptocurrencies. For example, some cryptocurrencies have focused on
providing users with reliable, compatible and user friendly wallet client systems for robust forms of payment.
Most ventures into the cryptocurrency sphere have not gone according to plan as their
founders would have hoped. Nevertheless, there are currently hundreds of crypto related projects which are succeeding.
SnowGem is a new type of cryptocurrency that can be developed on verified technology.
It is a project that embraces a unique philosophical approach on how cryptocurrency can
be used in real life. SnowGem aims to build a better cryptocurrency by incorporating previously proven aspects of blockchain technology including network robustness, feature
rich services and end-user friendly support.

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SnowGem Whitepaper