Smartshare Whitepaper

Smartshare is an intelligent and credible decentralized blockchain
technology platform designed to reshape the value ecosystem and data
value of the Internet of things. Currently, the Internet of things terminals and
the resulting volume of data are increasing. As for the Internet of things
enterprises, the pressure of innovation in their business models is becoming
more and more urgent. It does not only mean to improve the well-known
framework of the public or simplify the original business models but also gain
competitive advantages from the new technology and new opportunities.
Therefore, we think that the Internet of things enterprises need to
fundamentally change their traditional way of value creation and value
acquisition. On the other hand, more and more data are generated by the
terminal equipment and joint behaviors by human beings and terminals, but
the value and ownership of data are never really assigned, evaluated,
quantified and used. Users, as producers of data, have never owned it and
benefited from it, and the data value has been separated into isolated islands
without an effective interworking mechanism. But we think that the data
generated by the joint behaviors by users and terminals is one of the most
valuable data in human life. Smartshare will realize the reconfiguration of
ecological value together with the right and transaction of data value in the
Internet of things industry through the public blockchain technology and
solutions of the Internet of things intelligent terminal industry.
Smartshare’s products and technologies will implement the following three
First, Smartshare is creating a public chain of industry values and is building
a value ecosystem for the Internet of Things. Smartshare develops
decentralized value-based public chains based on the characteristics of the
Internet of Things (IoT) industry and supports a variety of industry
applications. It provides hardware adaptations such as smart chips and SDKs,
combines cryptography, distributed architecture, and the adoption of a
DPOS consensus backbone, to build a secure and decentralized blockchain
network that supports high concurrency.

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