SkinCoin Whitepaper


In the last few years eSports have become extremely popular with the media. The number of
players and fans, prize funds and budgets of competitions have demonstrated a significant
growth. We invite you to take part in this growth with us.

The story begins in 2011, when Valve introduced an opportunity to exchange and trade in-game
items (skins) from the popular CS:GO, Dota 2, and other video games based on the official Steam
trading platform. Very soon skins were not just in-game items, but in fact became an actual
currency: a lot of online services started to accept them as a payment method, exchange them for
real money and other skins, or use them as bets on betting platforms. Thus, the skins market
emerged, and has grown up to more than $7 billion in a few years.

Our main product under this ICO is creating an exchange service with a convenient API for
connecting to the third party websites, so that they can accept payments in SKINCOIN without
having to open and maintain their own stores.

We are creating a platform for immediate exchange of skins for the cryptocurrency, which is a
liquid asset that can be used for further skins speculative trading, replace the turnover of skins on
video game websites and can be used for conversion of the income after trading skins into fiat
money. For that, we need a working capital that will be used to execute the obligations between
a seller and a buyer of the skin, and also a marketing budget to scale the project.
We are an experienced team working in the skins market for many years, we have created and
maintained such projects as, and Our advantage is that
right after the ICO, SKINCOIN (SKIN) will be integrated into our and our partners’ game projects
that include skin trading.

SKINCOIN (SKIN) – tokens are to be released based on the Ethereum blockchain platform.
All proceeds from the release of tokens in the ICO shall be used to finance further development,
support, marketing of new gaming projects: trading platforms and gaming services associated
with items from games like CS:GO, Dota2 and Team Fortress 2.

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SkinCoin Whitepaper