Six Domain Chain Whitepaper

Since the birth of Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies have
been flourishing vigorously. However, most current blockchain projects
are still on the basic level of token issuance and exchange of virtual
information – there are very few digital assets which have real value to
be widely used to establish a practical business ecosystem. In other
words, especially there lacks an effective symbiotic mechanism
between the physical world and digital world. Future development of
the blockchain ecosystem inevitably requires mutually beneficial
situations of symbiosis between the physical and digital economy.

IoT (Internet of Things) will be a major connection of both the
physical world and also the digital world. On one hand, IoT can
establish an efficient coordination mechanism between users and
objects in the physical world, thus promoting efficiency and bringing
benefits to various industries, in addition to a new “Wisdom
Revolution”. On the other hand, with a potential size of tens of billion
possibilities and a high concurrency for transactions; IoT has the
potential to create huge, high-value and steady streams of digital asset
resources for blockchain. Meanwhile, this connection need of both
physical and digital worlds will promote the establishment of a value
system of digital assets and network credit, in order to achieve
multilateral prosperity of both digital and physical ecosystems. The
combination of IoT and blockchain will create a new infrastructure of
all things in general.

SixDomainChain Platform is the world’s first decentralised public
blockchain ecosystem for data exchange that integrates international
standards of IoT Six-Domain Model and reference architecture
standards for distributed blockchain (SDChain Platform), which
would operate on its own native blockchain (SDChain). The design of SDChain gives full consideration to IoT
characteristics and requirements of business ecosystem construction. In
specific fields like issuance of digital assets, management of users’ credits and identities, P2P communication, encryption algorithm, consensus algorithm, smart contracts, cross-chain smart contract model, market consensus incentives, decentralised DApp (Distributed
Applications) and fast access to new businesses, SDChain optimises
current blockchain infrastructure in depth. By seamlessly implementing
the underlying SDChain blockchain infrastructure and IoT Application
ecosystem, the SDChain Platform will create a business ecosystem with
benign, rapid and sustainable development, enabling SDChain Platform
to have a coexistence of tokens, blockchain and industrial IoT. A
reliable blockchain ecosystem based on IoT digital assets will be
established, and an efficient way to realise the circulation and value
transformation of reliable digital assets will be formed as well. In this
manner, SDChain will become a global benchmark for the integration
of IoT and blockchain ecosystem. Core Business of SDChain includes:
1) Regarding application requirements of a specific ind

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Six Domain Chain Whitepaper