Signals Network Whitepaper

There has been an explosion of crypto assets in 2017, with trading volumes topping
billions of dollars. Crypto offers many advantages for traders over traditional assets, in
that they are decentralized, borderless and can be traded around the clock. While this
opens the doors to practically everyone on the planet, it also poses great risks due to
lack of regulation, liquidity and oversight. There are far too many stories of traders who
lose it all because of mistakes or a shortage of emotional fortitude necessary to stick
to their trading plan.
With the advent of powerful computational technology, the financial sector and trading
industry has been transformed through the replacement of traditional auction-to-computer transactions in the early 70’s with algorithmic trading systems. Machines take
emotions out of trading and make it into a pure numbers game, cutting through the
noise of trading signals and processing huge data sets that a normal human never
could. They also never sleep, running 24/7 once they have been properly set up. What’s
more, they can execute infinitely faster than a human, with decreases in lag time by
microseconds leading to substantial profits.
Pairing these two technologies is a perfect match. Blockchain tech and crypto are expected to continue their growth for the next decade, and traders should have great
advantages when it comes to trading for a long time coming.
Our mission is to empower crypto traders with state of the art algorithms from the data
science community, which will allow them to optimize their profits. The Signals Platform provides these tools in a user-friendly way. From advanced charting and classic
technical indicators to complex statistical models, crowd wisdom based inputs and
machine learning algorithms based on media monitoring and sentiment analysis; the
Signals Platform is a place where anybody can create fully customizable trading robots with no advanced technical knowledge required.

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Signals Network Whitepaper