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The gaming industry is rapidly growing. How much so? The size of the online
gaming market is projected to increase from $20.5 billion in 2009 to $81.7
billion by 2022.1 The total gaming market (combined online and land based) is
projected to grow to $635 billion by 2022, compared to just $423 billion in

While online gaming entertainment only made up 6% of the total betting and
gaming industry in 2015, this industry is currently experiencing a revolution.
This industry has a lot of potential to grow as online gaming providers are
starting to diversify the types of gaming options, attracting a new generation
of players from around the globe.3 For example, the popularity of eSports betting is also currently growing at a significant rate. Fantasy sports leagues, point-spread betting, and video game tournament betting are all becoming
large markets. According to researchers Chris Grove and Adam Krejcik at Eilers Research, eSports gaming will skyrocket to become a 1.81 billion dollar industry by 2020, compared to just a 24 million dollar industry in 2015.4

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