Sharder Whitepaper


Sharder is the distributed storage protocol developed by Sharder Foundation, which was established in Singapore.

Sharder realized the optimization or innovation in cross-chain deployment, multiple-chain architecture, sharing storage economy, contribution, data privacy, data credential, and

Sharder Chain is the first Sharder-Pool that deploys Sharder Protocol. It has all the characteristics of Sharder Protocol and works as the anchoring network in Sharder multiplechain
ecosystem. There are 4 applications operating on Sharder Public Chain — Bean Cloud, Sharder Matrix, Sharder Brain, and One Fair.

Sharder will become the global blockchain storage service provider that does not use hard disks, and establish the future blockchain ecosystem comprising of data generation,
data storage, data valuation, and data circulation. The user will be guaranteed ownership of data, valuation of data, and non-idle data.

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Sharder Whitepaper