Shard Whitepaper

Our vision for Shard is to create a secure and widely usable cryptocurrency which
appeals to all users. To achieve this Shard must have low fees, scalability,
decentralisation, community support, liquidity and diminished volatility. With
Shard’s signifcant and easily calculable proof-of-stake rewards, we hope many users
will take part in maintaining the network. Providing greater scalability and
decentralisation, while keeping transaction fees to a minimum. To both assist with
the sustainability of these block rewards as well as liquidity and volatility is the Shard
Community Reserve along with Shardax and it’s multiple large scale projects.
Importantly, at all times we respect and appreciate our communities opinions and
support, and hope that it will only grow stronger over time.

We aim to make digital assets more accessible to the average user and allow for
wide scale adoption. Shardax has unique projects featuring Shard, such as a crypto
exchange which will allow users to trade, stake, review new coin offerings, manage
their portfolio and much more. Universal wallet allowing users to hold all their coins
in one place on their desktop or mobile, trade straight from their wallet and easily
pay for services, goods and more on the go with a very simple and secure interface.
Along with the yet to be revealed Quantum Project. We are looking to revolutionise
the cryptocurrency experience allowing users easy access and usability, bringing it
to the mainstream for day to day life

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Shard Whitepaper