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Since its original release, Shadow Era has captured the minds of card game fans as a highly balanced and strategic game. Now with 32 different heroes across 7 classes to choose from, the deck building options are endless. And because the game is balanced even at the highest competitve levels, there’s always a wide variety of challenges available in multiplayer games.

The game features an innovated dual resource system. Each turn, a card can be sacrificed to generate a resource used to summon additional cards. It’s often a challenge to consider what card to sacrifice! Heroes also generate shadow energy, used to power effects that often have game-changing results. Besides the digital game, a sucessful crowdfunding campaign allowed us to produce high-quality physical cards. Manufactured by the same company that produces all the top trading card games, this premium product is of even higher quality than most existing physical TCGs. It also has some of the best looking foil cards in the industry!

With the same rules as the digital game, the physical version is easy to pick up and learn. Every physical booster pack also has a redeem code for the digital game, for effective cross-promotions.

Shadow Era features cross-platform logins and multiplayer battles, meaning your account stays with you no matter what device you play on. But perhaps the most enduring feature is our large and active community. Throughout the game’s development, we’ve involved the community in all aspects from ideas to design to feedback. We also regularly hire directly from the community, as these are the people that understand the game the best. As we transition to community-driven development, we hope to further pioneer this process to create and refine the features that the community wants most.

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Shadow Token Whitepaper