Sexcoin Whitepaper


Sexcoin is a community based open source software project. As such, there is no one “owner” or “manager”. While this means development can be chaotic, it also means the community attracts the efforts of truly creative and talented people.

Sexcoin is one of the older currencies, and while it has drawn criticism for the speed of it’s development and a lack of promotion, it has outlasted many coins. Quite simply the developers of Sexcoin believe in it’s potential and are willing not only to build the infrastructure it requires for widespread adoption in the industry, but take the time to ensure product quality and security.

In an atmosphere of increasing belief in quick profits, currencies that rely on gimmicks or celebrity for their success and abandoned and failed currencies, Sexcoin and it’s community stand out for the commitment to a long-term plan for success.

To quote “Lavajumper”, an IT professional who manages the projects code :

“Sexcoin is a long-term project, if you’re looking to get rich overnight, this is probably not the coin you want. In our early strategic planning, we developed a 2 YEAR strategy. We are not just on track for that strategy, we are ahead.

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Sexcoin Whitepaper