Sentinel Whitepaper


The ‘poor’ are much richer than they think. What they need is a solution to
unlock their economic potential. We bring to them the Sentinel Chain, a
blockchain based solution to the problem of ‘dead capital’. The Sentinel Chain is
a global B2B marketplace for financial services accepting the use livestock as
collateral. The Sentinel Chain addresses two main issues to be solved to allow the
asset tokenization of livestock: First, the creation of a process that transforms
livestock from ‘dead capital’ to a fungible asset with a transparent and clear
defined value. Second, the creation of an open and transparent marketplace that
connects the unbanked to the network of global financial providers. This paper
introduces the concept and benefits of Sentinel Chain as well as a technical
appendix which elaborates on the design and fundamental architectural decisions.
Keywords: Financial inclusion, livestock, collateral, dead capital, blockchain
technology, smallholder farmers, unbanked

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Sentinel Whitepaper