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Humans are the most successful high-order species on the planet because of our ability to pass information
to each other, over generations and across huge populations. Language and conversation are the means of
information transfer. The Internet and mobile revolution has amplified human connection and the ability to
communicate globally, instantly.

Currently, humans are limited by closed social networks and indexed by advertising-supported social
graphs, with no easy means to explore and efficiently leverage information shared within these centralized
cliques, ultimately leading to the loss of much of the cornucopia of human knowledge. Locked away within
these networks as they eventually fall in popularity is an untold amount of information. This is exacerbated
today by multiple messaging apps that consume more of users’ attention span than any other type of
application and operate in silos, with no common knowledge repository and no way to interconnect
knowledge stored within these apps. Sensay solves this problem with a decentralized, transparent,
interoperable messaging platform enabling anyone to chat and unlock transactions across messaging
applications in a distributed network.

This solution includes:

A cross-platform messaging application and bot network that allows users and communities to connect
through routing them to each other, as needed.

A blockchain based token establishing the first smart contracts to reward a community of knowledge
workers for their conversational contributions across Sensay and/or any other application in the

A protocol with an API that allows developers to access human conversational data asynchronously or in
real time, providing passive or active income to the participants in those conversations.
With these innovations, we introduce:

Conversational Smart Contracts
Automatically create and encapsulate transactional details extracted from conversations to build smart
contracts for the delivery of information

Knowledge Attribution
Monetizing of knowledge across decentralized and centralized apps

Conversational Consensus
Confirm value of knowledge transferred via transparency
To enable the above innovations we are launching a utility token called SENSE
SENSE at launch enables token holders to turn on the platforms smart chat functionality, is pivotal to user
on-boarding, and serves via smart contract as a mechanism to enable developers and publishers on the
platform to extract valuable information from chat data.

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