Sakura Bloom Whitepaper


SKB is a product of intelligent contract technology based on Ethereum. It digitized the assets of the
physical world and implemented it through the latest ERC20 tokens. It has greater security and the
advantages of faster transfer money than other kinds of tokens.

Ethereum Technology
The Ethereum learns from the technology of bitcoin block chain and expands its application scope.
If the bitcoin uses the dedicated calculator with block chain technology , the Ethereum will use the
general-purpose computer with block chain technology. Briefly speaking, the Ethereum = block
chain + intelligent contract.

Intelligent Contract
The intelligent contract program is not just a computer program that can be automatically
executed. It’s a system of actors. It responds to the received information. It can receive and store
value and also can send out information and value. This program is like a trusted person who can
hold assets temporarily and always follow the rules in advance. The following diagram is an
intelligent contract model. A piece of code (intelligent contract) is deployed in a shared and
duplicated ledger. It can maintain its own state. It controls its own assets and responds to the
received external information or assets.

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Sakura Bloom Whitepaper