SafeInsure Whitepaper

Safeinsure is a decentralized insurance marketplace bringing equitable price
discovery and global access to insurance policy shoppers worldwide. SafeInsure
puts power back into the hands of consumers with an honest, accountable, and
democratic insurance marketplace on a high-performance blockchain.
In a first for the insurance industry, SafeInsure will provide an access point
between policymakers and consumers with great modularity and bespoke options
in an instantaneous and nearly feeless manner without controlling intermediaries.
Using the SafeInsure Marketplace, customers will piece together custom insurance
options for themselves according to their needs without having to pay for features
and options they don’t require.
The SafeInsure blockchain is securitized by masternodes, creating a financial
incentive for node operators to safeguard the network and keep it as decentralized
as possible.
Masternodes will also function as a secondary source of revenue for insurance
policy providers as they can become masternode operators using the income they
generate on the SafeInsure marketplace.


SafeInsure Website
SafeInsure Whitepaper